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Our Ethos

"Every 10 minutes, Australians dump 15 tonnes of clothing and fabric waste"

The above fact is mostly thanks to the fast fashion industry and is why we strive to be different.

Our focus is quality, durability and longevity from design conception to fabrication. Each piece has been purposefully designed to mix and match in complementing colours and minimalist prints and are mostly gender-neutral. 

Little has been created to be worn by siblings, cousins and handed on when outgrown, to promote circular fashion further contributing to a more sustainable future for our own littles.


When we began our journey, sustainability was and still is at the forefront of every single decision. We took our time vetting and checking many manufacturers before establishing a partnership, and then came across one who shares our passion for minimising any potential environmental impact.

Our manufacturer is among the most innovative in this field, recognised as an industry leader, and always looking for ways to improve. We are so grateful to be able to work very closely with them every step of the way to ensure quality and minimal environmental impact remains at the forefront of every decision made when creating our childrenswear.

  • We only use natural and ethically manufactured fibres including recycled and repurposed cotton where possible.
  • We are very proud to announce that we are a PLASTIC FREE business and we do not use ANY single-use plastic whatsoever.
  • We do not use swing tags on our garments - and use recycled tissue paper and stickers from NO ISSUE to beautifully wrap your order before it is dispatched. 
  • To send your order to you, we have partnered with HERO PACKAGING and mail all orders in reusable, biodegradable and compostable mailer satchels complete with compostable shipping labels

We acknowledge that we are by no means perfectly sustainable, but we are committed and always striving to be better. It's not about being perfect, it's about learning and consciously considering our environment when making any business decision, and that is what we are proud to do.