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Article: The Sunday Collection

The Sunday Collection - Little the Label Blog

The Sunday Collection

To introduce our new clothing label to the world, we designed a collection befitting our favourite day of the week: The Sunday Collection.

What inspired us... 

Is it weird to say a feeling inspired this collection? That Sunday feeling…..evoking a sense of freedom, Sundays are spontaneous, Sundays are slow, Sundays should be spent smiling.

Sunday is always a little spontaneous for us in the Rockett Family, but a day we almost always reserve as sacred for us to spend together - there is something magical in knowing that for me. No matter how busy our week is - we always have Sunday to look forward to and it is always a day we try to keep simple and fun, focused on quality time together most often in nature. This collection was inspired by that sense of ease and anticipation. The simplicity of exploring our surrounding parks and the era’s gone by where children existed and flourished by connecting to nature. 

Why we chose these colours and fabrics...

Sustainability is always at the forefront of any decision I make, and so played a huge part in the fabric selection and the colour palette.

I was searching high and low for a manufacturer who was able to source 100% recycled cotton - however, I soon learned that in most cases recycled cotton needs to be rewoven with man-made fibres so that the fabric is strong enough to repurpose. The use of man-made fibres brings another whole set of issues to consider, so my focus went to using a variety of 100% cotton fabrications.

Durability and wearability also need to be considered within the concept of sustainability and is our focus here at little - how long will this product last? Will it be able to be repurposed after it has been outgrown? Have I selected gender-neutral colours to maximise the potential for handing on? Will these colours be able to be styled back with existing items, or with other pieces in the range? These are all things I consider when selecting fabrications and looking at colours. Fabrics need to be durable enough - not so precious that they don't withstand the movement and play of a child. 
The Sunday Collection - Little the Label Blog

How to wear the collection...

On the whole, Little is always designed to be worn in any way your little likes. 
I personally love that each of the styles can be worn as a set for a full “look” or mixed and matched in a more casual way. It's designed to be slouchy and oversized initially but I love that kids can continue wearing the same tee as a more fitted style the next season, layered under jumpers and jackets in cooler weather. Each style works together effortlessly and feels carefree, relaxed and comfortable. Boxy, slouchy, oversized and a little bit laid back. 
The Sunday Collection - Little the Label Blog

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