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Article: LUV LOU | MAMA | MUSE |

Hayley Hall Luv Lou director and Son Dusty


Kicking off MAMA | MUSE | MOGUL with a very special Human being I could not imagine my life without. My very talented best friend - Hayley one half of the sister Duo behind Luv Lou.
Luv Lou is known for classic, feminine and refined eyewear that is effortlessly elevated in design. The brand has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2018 and has framed the faces of some pretty incredible women.
Not only are these two killing it in business, they are also truly two of the most genuine and gorgeous human beings I have the pleasure of knowing and adoring. Hayley is also a new mum to  one very cute Dusty Sid who you might recognise from our campaign images for little.
I wanted to do a  Q + A with Hayley to share the Luv Lou story. It has been so inspiring for me to watch Luv Lou bloom and to watch Jayde and Hayley take it all in their stride, but also to witness Hayley navigating motherhood simultaneously. There is so much that we share with each other about parenting + business and I hope to share some of that support here in this space with you too.
How did Luv Lou come to life?
Luv Lou was born whilst sipping on oat lattes at a regular sisterly coffee date, wanting to seek out a creative outlet. We had always been drawn to the idea of working together and both had a history in fashion. At this stage Jayde was working as a full time nurse in emergency and I was starting out as a primary school teacher. Our love was always for eyewear and we both had an endless supply of sunglasses in our handbags. Sunglasses seemed to be a regular purchase for us both and we soon knew we had a passion and love for eyewear and this was going to be the perfect fit for us. After what was a creative experiment, sampling a range, soon became a beautiful business which we now call Luv Lou.
When was the moment that you went, ok there is something in this and this has potential and it felt like it was something that was all coming together and you and Jayde took that leap of faith?
“Faith is taking the first step, even when you can’t see the whole staircase” spoken by Martin Luther King. I love this quote so much as the uncertainty of a new business can be so daunting, but when you are brave enough to take the first step you are already halfway there. 
I think it was the moment where our stock wasn’t fitting in our garage anymore and Jayde and I were spending over two hours at the post office scanning orders holding up the que of people that we realised we were ready to give Luv Lou a real home/space. It was at this time that we moved into The Ware Studio and the brand grew from this point.
I know personally on my journey with little, there are times where I struggle with "Imposter syndrome”. Is this something that you encounter too? How do you deal with this when it pops up / what advice can you give other women who are grappling with this.
I think it is completely natural to doubt your abilities at times, especially when you are navigating in uncharted waters with a business. We are grateful to have each other to pull on each other’s strengths and talk through challenging decisions to find a solution.
I think the best advice to go by is, in business you are not meant to be an expert in all fields, so be informed by others, ask questions and surround yourself with innovative people who inspire and strengthen you.
Did you ever anticipate Luv Lou would garner the following you have amassed? Have there been any major speed bumps or situations you weren’t anticipating that have really been make or break for you and Jayde? 
Never! I think that’s what makes it so special, that you truly feel grateful for the unexpected highs and the milestones that present themselves. I think the pandemic was a scary time for the world and businesses overall, but also made us stronger to find different ways to connect with our audience and support like minded brands around us. 
Highlight reel - who is the most famous face your sunglasses have framed!
It would have to be seeing our eyewear internationally on Kourtney Kardashian, Elsa Hosk and Vanessa Hudgens.
What has been the biggest challenge in juggling motherhood and Luv Lou?
The juggle is real! I have such an appreciation for mums and all that we do. It is a work in progress I feel, learning to balance my time with Dusty and my time with Luv Lou. I am discovering that being flexible, adaptable and open to change when it comes to setting expectations at work is important now with Dusty in the mix. I find having routined time set out to attend to work and or family time, is important to attempt to do both well. I also thank my lucky stars that Dusty's aunty is at work and that baby carriers exist, so I can multi-task whilst packing orders. I'm pretty sure Dusty could pack a Luv Lou order with the amount of times he has been at the warehouse :-)
Has welcoming dusty made you look at the world and your business differently/ impacted any business decisions you make?
Most definitely, now having a little person on this earth you really do want to do everything in your power to make tomorrow better than today. Jayde and I are committed to making conscious business decisions that aid in preserving our world. We are currently striving to launch a sustainable collection with 100% biodegradbale acetate, this is something which we are very excited and passionate about. 
Making time for yourself, how do you manage this, what is something you think mums should know about making this time for ourselves.
I am a big believer in making time for yourself to allow for you to fill up your cup. I find even if it is getting outdoors for an hour for your morning walk and coffee whilst baby is sleeping in the pram, you have a clearer mind and a more positive outlook. Indulge in time on your own as it is healthy for you and baby, book that massage or have lunch with a girlfriend and this precious time will do wonders. 
Give me your best mum hack:
Baby Shhhoosh sound on spotify, use it in the car or at bed time - lifechanging! It's like meditation for Dusty. 
Something you wish you knew about before becoming a mum:
How much stuff you can accumulate for one small tiny human! Between the high chair, the rocker, capsule, baby cloud, baby accessories consume your house. Not to mention finding enough wardrobe space for Dusty because I have a serious obsession with kids clothes, we hope to have the whole Little collection - Obsessed with every piece darling.
Your favourite little piece:
I honestly love all the styles and how practical they are for little ones. Dusty is rocking the Billie button up set in khaki terry and we want the little Lou sets in every colour because they are so easy.

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